Various art therapy/creativity/wellness workshops are offered all throughout the year. Groups are a wonderful and dynamic way to explore your creative or therapeutic process in the safety and presence of others. Please note that all classes that are not drop-in require pre-registration.

What others are saying

“Esther was great and she created a safe space. I didn’t think that I would like the ‘group’ part, but ultimately that is what I liked the most. Hearing other people talk about their experiences was amazing.”

 This course had a double impact on me. There was the obvious artistic and self-expression evolution. That alone was a significant journey for me. The fact that this was done in a group affected me in a social way as well. Sharing it with a group of people brought another dimension to the journey, with deep feelings of belonging, togetherness, safety, freedom. I don’t remember ever sharing this kind of feelings with other non-family people before. I have been living alone for about 6 years, and sharing this experience with others moved me in a new way. For someone like me who is generally introverted, it was pleasant.”

 “Esther, your presence brought me a deep sense of joy, calmness, trust, comprehension… I felt the freedom and safety to explore what was within without feeling judged.

Expressing What Lies Within- Using Art therapy for Awareness, Understanding and Insight

Early-bird discount (before January 29th) $250
Regular rate  $275

Student rate: $225

* All materials included in fee

Do you want to:

  • Awaken your creativity?
  • Express yourself more authentically?
  • Understand more about yourself?
  • Seek change, add meaning, and depth to your life?

Come delve into your inner world and encounter your unique visual language using Art Therapy and the creative process! Within a safe and supportive environment, you will be guided to express yourself through a variety of different art materials and art therapy techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, and sculpture. Used as a tool for self-exploration and personal growth, art therapy enables us to look and listen deeply inwards, and express parts of ourselves, which sometimes can be difficult to articulate in words alone. In addition, making art is a healing and life-affirming activity that has been shown to promote relaxation, joy, self-confidence, and insight. No previous art experience or talent is required, only a willingness to play and explore. In fact, if you feel blocks around your creativity or self-expression, this workshop is right for you.


Making Your Mark-Discovering Your Authentic Self Expression through Art Therapy

Dates: TBC

*Includes all art materials

Have you always longed to make art, but feel afraid?
Do you want to express yourself creatively but feel blocked or unable?
Do you find it hard to make the time for art-making, or get frustrated when you begin that things are not ‘perfect’?

Making art is a very natural activity that can permit us to express our feelings and our authentic selves. Art should be a source of joy, self-affirmation, and happiness. Unfortunately, many people’s experiences of doing art are fraught with self-criticism and judgement on ‘not doing it right’ or ‘not being good enough’ despite secretly always feeling that deep down inside, they are creative.

This course is for people who long to have the tools and the confidence to express themselves-not just through art, but in other aspects of their lives as well. In a safe, supportive, and fun environment, we will be using art therapy techniques, guided meditations, breath work, and music to explore a different art medium each week. This is a ‘non’ art class, where the goal is not about the final product, but rather the process itself. Through experiencing the process, you can learn how to focus on being present in the moment, awaken to your creative self, and acknowledge all the feelings that come up while embarking on this new venture. The emphasis of this course is about deeply listening and connecting to the self, while honouring and giving permission for whatever form of expression emerges.


Breathing Through Stress: A 4-week Introduction on the Science of the Breath for Emotional Well-being

Did you know that your breath is strongly linked to your emotions and that through learning to regulate it, you also can positively influence your mental health? Did you know that there are specific techniques and breathing exercises that can help you learn how to breath more effectively and actually improve your moods and brain function?

At the basic level, everything starts with the breath. Let’s face it, without your breath, you wouldn’t survive for very long. While it is something that you may often take for granted or not focus too much attention on, it is literally your source of energy, vitality, and, life force, or prana. Yogic scientific traditions have known and taught this for thousands of years and have many established practices on how to work with the breath.

Whether it be managing stress, relieving your anxiety, regulating your emotions, improving your brain function or concentration, increasing energy levels, boosting your immune system, improving public speaking and presentation skills, believe it or not, effective breathing techniques are the basis of it all.

Join us for this dynamic 4-week introduction to the breath, where you will learn about, and practice the basics of breath work. There will be plenty of time to integrate your learning through experiential activities, reflection, group discussion and homework assignments.

Please bring a comfortable blanket to sit upon.

1hour 15 minutes

Dates TBC


NEW!!! Art and Yoga Classes:

Come to one workshop or sign up for all of them!

Come and experience a unique workshop combining Kundalini Yoga and Art. Kundalini yoga is all about awakening the body/mind and stimulating latent creativity. Making art after doing yoga deepens your practice, as you work with the art materials from a place of deep stillness and connection to the authentic self. Through creating a visual representation of the sensations awakened through doing yoga, a deeper understanding of body and mind processes can occur.

This workshop is for anyone interested in experiencing Kundalini yoga and art in tandem. Those new to yoga or art are welcome, as are accomplished yogis and artists-and everyone in between. You do not need to be artistic. In fact, if you are looking for ways to stimulate your creativity, this workshop is for you.


Expressing Yourself Through Art Therapy-One day Workshop

Date: TBC
$95 Early Bird Rate (before February 15th)
$108 Regular Rate

Have you heard about art therapy and want to try it?

Do you want to learn ways to express yourself through art?

Come and join us for this informative, safe, and fun workshop where you will learn about what art therapy is. Art therapy is an established mental health profession that uses the creative process to improve well-being for everyone. Incorporating art-making as part of the therapeutic process, Art Therapy shows you how to translate your felt experiences into your own unique visual language, allowing you to then be witness to what sometimes words alone cannot express. Making art is a healing and life-affirming activity that has been shown to promote relaxation, joy, self-confidence, and self-awareness.

Through a blend of experiential exercises and theory, you will gain an understanding on how art can be used to support personal insight, authentic self-expression, and for self-care purposes. This is a general interest course that is also suitable for social workers, psychologists, and other health care practitioners who want a deeper understanding of how to incorporate various art techniques in their practice. Please note that there is no art experience or art talent required for this course! *All materials are included in the fee.


Esther Kalaba BSc, MA