My name is Esther Kalaba and I am a masters level trained art therapist and psychotherapist (Quebec). I combine a unique blend of traditional talk therapy, art therapy, movement/body-based psychotherapy, meditation/mindfulness, and Kundalini yoga, to help you not only gain insight into your life, but also to take action, and create positive changes. I work in a client focused way, meaning I help you achieve the results that you want.

Using a diverse combination of techniques, which nurture your mind, body, and inherent creativity, as well as providing you a safe and supportive space,

I can help you:


Express yourself
Understand your feelings (especially the more painful or overwhelming ones)
Become “unstuck”
Deal with diagnosed mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression
Process traumatic and painful experiences from the past
Be flexible and adapt to change
Challenge self-limiting thought patterns/behaviours
Connect to your authentic self


In other words, my goal is to support you:



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If you have more questions, please consult the FAQS section, or feel free to contact me personally.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Esther Kalaba BSc, MA